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10 Best Cycling Memes

We love a cycling meme here at Two Wheels Better. If you take a trip to our Facebook page – and you really should – you’ll find a steady stream of mostly funny and occasionally insightful cycling memes.

These are the ten most popular ones from the page, in terms of likes, shares and comments. If you’ve got your favourites that aren’t here please add them to the comments or share them on – you guessed it – our Facebook page.

1. Pain. Pleasure. Cycling has it all.



2. Well, the dog’s finding it funny.

#2 jokes


3. Because, you know, Strava. And kids.



4. Not us. We *never* just stand around talking about our bikes rather than riding them.



5. Yep, we break stuff sometime. And it’s usually us, not the bike.



6. Hmmn. Our readers might think about romance as much as cycling. Or not.



7. Those Somee cards. Right cards, they are.



8. We even put our logo on that one. That’s commitment.



9. That kid. He’s a busy boy in meme-land.



10. Arse. Tit. Etc.



That’s the top ten. But we just can’t stop. Here’s a bonus for you:

11. It’s funny because, you know he’s probably drunk. Okay. We’re officially done.



Let us know your favourite memes. Or come up with some better wordage for these ones.


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