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6 Brilliant Kickstarter Cycling Projects – And One That’s WTF?!

Kickstarter has become the go-to place for people to try out new designs and inventions, from high concept bikes and tech to smart lights, bells and more.

It’s also the place people try out their new cycling clothing ranges, but we’re not interested in that here. We’re looking for the transformative and wonderful, with maybe a bit of wild and wacky.


1. The Cyclotron Bike

  • What they wanted: €50,000
  • What they got: €169,105

The ‘revolutionary spokeless bike’ smashed its Kickstarter goal with a hubless wheel design aligned to a whole raft of features, including ‘space grade carbon fibre’ frame plus integrated lights, gear and brake cables.

As is the norm on this list it also connects to your smartphone on a dedicated app that shows speed, cadence, gear selection and can also do navigation. With the Kickstarter you’ll need to wait until next year at the earliest if you want to buy one.

See.Sense kickstarter light

2. See.Sense ICON

  • What they wanted: £24,000
  • What they got: £80,231

The main appeal of the ICON is that it’s a ‘smart’ light, connected and controllable via your smartphone where you can check the battery level, customise the light flashes and brightness and control multiple ICONs at once.

It will also alert you if someone tries to move your bike or the light and you can set it up to send crash alerts to a nominated person if you take a tumble when out.

Aimed at the commuter market it also has noble aims of helping planners design smart and cycle-friendly cities by (with your permission) taking your data and crunching it up to share with the people who make those decisions.

Now available from the See.Sense website with prices starting at £80.

Zackiees kickstarter gloves

3. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

  • What they wanted: $35,000
  • What they got: $72,555

Cycling gloves with lights in them that flash (with a nice arrow) when you signal to turn. Simple, useful and rechargeable.

At $75 / £85 they’re not cheap but they’re a great additional way to be seen.

Now available on Amazon

Solos kickstarter

 4. Solos Smart Cycling Glasses

  • What they wanted: $58,000
  • What they got: $128,179

Looking down while your riding isn’t the hardest part of the whole cycling thing, but can sometimes be a distraction, especially in heavy traffic.

This is where the Solos comes in. By putting a small overlay to the right of your vision you can you can know everything your Garmin or phone will tell you but without having to look down. So you can get live updates of speed, cadence, calories and distance and elevation and also be able to use it for training with your power and heart rate numbers.

It also make you feel like you’re living in the future. We imagine (we’ve not had a pair in at the Mothership (shed) as yet).

Now on Indiegogo where you can buy a pair for a wince-inducing $375.

shoka kickstarter bell

5. Shoka Bell

  • What they wanted: $75,000
  • What they got: $200,819

Advertised heavily on social with a super hipster video, the Shoka bell promises to do more than just tell people that you’d like them to move out the way so you can pass.

Shoka does do that, with eight different sounds but also wedges in a light, navigation and a theft alarm and boasts 200 hours of battery life and a sleek design.

You will be paying to all that, however, with pre-orders now being taken at $129 when it ships early next year.

coros kickstarter

6. Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

  • What they wanted: $50,000
  • What they got: $292,756

Billing itself as the ‘world’s first bike helmet with open ear precision audio’, the Coros LINK is for those people just *have* to listen to music while cycling. Personally we love getting it on with nature when we’re cycling, or hearing the swears of drivers when we’re commuting, but we know lots of bike-mad friends who insist on plugging in their earbuds, danger be damned.

The Corus LINX fixes this by using ‘bone conduction audio’ that delivers sound through your cheekbones. Really. This is actual tech, rather than something they’re hoping to get enough money to fund research into.
The cool thing about the Coros LINX is less the tech – which, because it doesn’t sit over the ears it allows you to hear traffic and that bloke shouting “Stop, it’s a trap!” – than the way they’ve integrated it into a slick helmet.

The helmet connects to your smartphone not just to pipe music but calls, voice navigation and ride updates as well. There’s even a smart little remote for your handlebars and even a emergency alert if you crash.


7. URBANIST Cycling Chamois Panties

  • What they wanted: $25,000
  • What they got: $64,602

While we promised to avoid clothing and are unlikely to see these in the Mothership (shed), at least for now, we couldn’t resist adding the chamois panties to this list because, you know, WTF?

They are panties with a chamois liner. That’s it. There are also men’s versions on the website. But, really, WTF? If you’re cycling far enough to need padding you’re going to wear shorts or a bib, right? Prices start at $62.

Right, that’s our list. What did you think? What great Kickstarters did we miss? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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