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Behind the scenes: The making of a Hope Pro 4 hub

Just how do you make a bicycle hub? If that’s a question that has been on your lips for some time, then you’ll want to be watching this video. Because in it you get to see how a Hope Pro 4 hub, the latest in the British company’s long line of aluminium hubs, is made.

Hope has been doing its thing, crafting beautiful components from disc brakes when we were all still riding V-brakes to pedals and beautiful hubs, since 1989 from its factory in Barnoldswick.

“From our very first Ti-glide hubs launched back in 1993 we’ve have had a reputation for producing some of the most durable and high quality hubs on the market. This attention to detail has been carried into the new Pro 4 hub range as they are a direct development of the successful Pro 2 EVO,” says Hope.


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