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Best Cheap Mountain Bike on the market right now

So we don’t usually do product information or promotions on this page but a friend who is looking to get into mountain biking was asking us if they could get a good mountain bike for under £400 and we were about to give them our usual advice, “Go to Halfords, avoid full suspension and don’t expect to get more than 12 months out of it” when we noticed that Go Outdoors have just reduced the asking price on the Calibre .50.

Why would we recommend it, well basically because, we own it’s little brother the Calibre Two Two (we have smashed it into trees and rocks for well over 18 months and it still runs better than any MTB we have owned)  and it was sold to us by Mike Sanderson who is a cycling nut and wouldn’t put his name to a bad product. Oh and it also got a 5* review from What Mountain Bike and MBUK.


Why is this bike so cheap all of a sudden, simply because it still runs on 26 inch rubber (which we love) and they are clearing the way for 650b stock.  Some pictures below;

calibre .50 calibre calibre Avid calibre fsa calibre shox calibre

You can also see the specs here;

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 13.58.17

Remember if you want to get the discounted price on this fella you need to grab a GoOutdoors Discount Card as well, (they cost a £5).

So if you can find a better Mountain Bike in the UK for less cash then drop a link below in the comments and we will add it to this post.  If not then we suggest you buy this.

Remember Two Wheels are Better.

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