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Folding bikes – the next generation

We are all aware of the good old Brompton or the super expensive Moulton but as our lead image shows.  Nothing seems to have moved much in the world of folding bicycles.

We know that attempts to re-invent the bicycle usually turn out to be lame ducks but surely in the world of folders there is a little more room for innovation.

So we had a scan around the web and found these contenders for the folding bicycles of tomorrow (some available today).

What do you reckon wheelers Hot or Not?


Folding 1

Montague make some cool kit – skydiving is mandatory though

folding 3

Anyone for a Mountain Monk – aka Bergmonch

folding 4

Folding Pedelec (concept) from BMW – the lazy businesspersons company bike

folding 5

Sada bike, no hub and the same size as a big brolly (umbrella)

folding 7

The Locust comes in many colours – this is the most subtle

folding 8

Dude where’s my saddle?

folding 9

Fajnyje by Peter Varga – say it fast 3 times

If you find any of these appealing then let us know in the comments below and remember even when they fold Two Wheels are Better.

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