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Is this the best cheap full-suspension mountain bike money can buy?

Costing £999.99, is this Calibre Bossnut the best cheap full-suspension bike money can buy? We reckon it’s probably pretty damn close to being the best. Calibre is retailer Go Outdoors’s own bike brand and covers a wide range of mountain and road bikes at very keen prices, with a focus on value for money rather than posh high-end kit. The Bossnut looks like a seriously impressive bike for not a lot of money.

Calibre Bossnut

Calibre Bossnut

You got RockShox suspension, a Sector fork and Monarch air shock, both providing 130mm travel and both are easily adjusted by changing the air pressure with a shock pump.

Shimano Deore gears with two chainrings and a 10-speed cassette gives you plenty of ratios for tackling any sort of terrain, and the 2.3in WTB Vigilante and 2.2in Beeline tyre combination will give plenty of grip on the dirt.

Showing Calibre has paid attention to the details, the bike comes with a 760mm wide Ritchey handlebar, that means good leverage and control and the short stem keeps the handling sprightly. Shimano brakes with big 180mm disc rotors will ensure you stop on a dime.

MBR magazine was impressed with the Bossnut, saying this of it:

“The sizing on the Calibre Bossnut is bang-on. The specification greatly exceeds the price tag, and the ride quality is of a level previously unseen at this price point. It’s also super-solid without being weighty, so it can take on any terrain. This also makes it a great option for riders who are tough on kit, or just plain heavy.” – full review here.

What more do you want? If you’ve got a grand and have your heart set on a full-suspension mountain bike, the Bossnut is worth checking out.


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