For the love of bikes!

Gorgeous bike art to set your roadie pulse racing


Here at the TWB Mothership (shed) we’re doing our best to get McC to appreciate that riding bikes doesn’t HAVE to involve getting covered in beastly mud and oomska.


Instead, one can fly like a bird, a brightly coloured Kingfisher perhaps, flitting here and there clad from top to toe in vivid lycra without shame. In fact, it might even help him get up some of those fire trails a bit quicker.

Anyway, to that end, we’re going to hang some inspiring art around the studio (shed), and there can be no better place to start than the fantastic work of Mark Fairhurst. His delightfully deco illustrations came to the fore during the 2012 Olympics and since then his work has been snapped up by some of the biggest names in road cycling.



If you want a touch of two-wheeled glamour on your wall, then check out Mark’s site at

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