For the love of bikes!

lick a sweaty blokes armpit

8 things we’d rather do than give up cycling

We were out with a few mates for a curry last night (we have been known to enjoy a madras or three) and the conversation turned to what you would rather do than give up cycling.

There were some pretty severe suggestions and I thought in the style of BuzzFeed we would stick them into a listicle (not quality journalism but that is because we are not journalists).

This is by no means an exhaustive list but some of the suggestions were so gruesome that they made Cards Against Humanity look like a polite parlour game.

You know the rules though, if you can think of something better drop us a line on or on facebook or twitter and we will add them to the list.

8 things we’d rather do than give up cycling

Eat dog poo


eat dog poo

If dogs like it then it can’t taste that bad

Eat broken glass (apparently broken glass is sharper)


Eat Glass

Just add ketchup…

Lick a sweaty (Scottish) mans armpit


lick a sweaty blokes armpit

If you can’t find a fat Scotsman, we will loan you McC

Drink a pint of puke


pint of puke

Just looking at this makes us want to VOM…

Sit on hot coals (that’s sit, not sh*t)


sit on hot coals

Anyone can walk over them, try sitting on them!

Wear a welly full of spiders (nope….just nope!)


Spider in a welly

This is the only pic we could find that didn’t make McC cry

Wear budgie smuggler’s to work for a week (you might call em speedos)


Wear budgie smugglers to work

There is no need for the budgie smuggler in the modern world of shorts.

Listen to nothing but Agadoo for a year


If you are looking for some more quality journalism then you are on the wrong site.  If however you are looking for a laugh then try some of these.

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