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Battle on the Beach 2016 – Bucketlist

As many of you wheelers (the ones who read this site regularly) know, McC recently got his first taste of an organised mountain bike event on the manicured and man made trails of Bristol in England at the Halo Oktoerfest.

Well the old fella got a little over excited and is now giving up on his weirdly beardy XC natural trails riding and his Landranger maps and has started chugging dwown ridiculous amounts of energy drinks and is as we speak drawing up a list of trails to visit and events to enter.

With this in mind and not being one to shy away from public view our portly (i’m not fat – McC) little Scottish dude is drawing up a bucket list of events to try before he turns 40 (Christmas 2016).

The first of these appears to be Battle on the Beach which is a 40km beach race in Pembrey Country Park, Nr. Llanelli. South Wales.  It takes place in Mid March, which gives McC sack all time to train properly (hahahahahahahah).

The event organisers describe the race as a 3 lapper where each lap consists of  roughly;

  • 4km on the beach (all hard sand)
  • 4km singletrack
  • 4km doubletrack or forest roads
  • Only 100 metres is in soft sand, on the beach entrance. (sounds like hell)
Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 15.20.34

A bit different from your average MTB race

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 15.22.00

The bones of last years riders

This is also the home of the UK fatbike championships (no way McC will be troubling any of those folks).

So if you want to have a laugh at McC’s expense and you can think of some more events for him to try before he hit’s the big 4 – ohhhhh.  Tell us in the comments below and we will push him on to do it.

Remember Two Wheels are Better.

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