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Best e-bay listing ever – Raphassholes!

OK so lets start this off with an easy fact, we are not big fans of Rapha here.  We are sure that their kit is great but they just represent a snobbish side of cycling that doesn’t really appeal to us.

With that in Mind this e-bay listing for Rapha Cycling Barrier Tape made us laugh our asses off.

You can find the whole listing here…

If you are too lazy to click then here are a few choice quotes for you.

It’s perfect for cordoning off your bike from others at the cafe stop or keeping people at bay at summer bbqs. It can also be used as bondage tape to get kinky with your wife after she’s read (probably watched) 50 Shades of Grey. ITS SO VERSATILE!!

It is guaranteed to make you ride faster, look more like Chris Froome and make women throw themselves at you.

This is the perfect accessory to go with your full Team Sky pro kit and £9k pinarello.

We have no idea how much it will go for but we bet some Rapha-sshole will buy it for twice what it’s worth (A bit like their jerseys).

rapha tape close up

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