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bicycle chess 1

Bicycle board games – why are there so few?

In almost every other sport there are great board and video games that you can play (with your family) to while away the rainy days till you can get outside to play your sport again.

We have been trying to find some great bicycle board games (remember those) and the honest truth is that there are hardly any. (you know we didn’t look that hard and are hoping that you send us loads of pics and links so the next post can be better, right!)

We were inspired by a bicycle chess set that we found but then found it very hard to find any more.  I mean surely there must be a version of bicycle Ludo or Bikeywinks or Build a Better Bicycle (mousetrap).

So here are the runners and riders that we found (by not looking very hard)

Bicycle Board Games



bicycle chess 1

The pieces are all made from old bike pieces

bicycle chess 2

We love a bit of bicycle recycling

didi senft chess bicycle

How do they keep the pieces on the board

Now chess and cycling go together like cheese and erm……well…..cheese and …..something that goes with cheese but not quite as well as cheese and pickle.  We found a whole lot of chess sets made out of old motorcycle parts and car parts but only this one made from old bicycle parts.  So come on bicycle recyclers we are a lot smarter than a bunch of petrol heads.

Snakes and ladders – kinda



Propaganda and bicycles

The Copenhagenize Design Company came up with this clever version of snakes and ladders where bike routes and infrastructure are the ladders and ignoring bicycle infrastructure are the snakes.  You can’t buy this game in any stores but Mikael who created the game is happy for you to download and print out the board from here.

The penalties include great things like;

  • Your city launches a bike share system with lots of bikes and well-placed racks? Go forward 22 spaces.
  • It launches a tram network? Move forward 28.
  • You mayor doesn’t ride to work? Back up eight.
  • The most contentious is reserved for space 99: “Hapless, ignorant politicians start a helmet law.” Back 92 spaces.




This isn’t a real game – but it should be



Where is the mini pump

We told you we ran short of games but one of our favourite blogs Mind Puncture came up with this cool idea for a bicycle themed version of Operation.  Below they describe how to play it;

Grab a pair of tweezers (3D printer optional but very much useful) and change the bar tape, inflate the tires, replace the pedals or the derailleur, adjust the front brakes (or what I assume to be their location – these TT bikes confuse me), raise the seat and remove the bottle.  And to make it a real time trial, you have 30 seconds for each piece. Or however many you want, I’m not gonna be there to check, am I?

The Great Victorian Bike Race


Great Victorian Bicycle Race

So popular you can’t actually buy it.

Finally we actually found this board game The Great Victorian Bicycle Race on Amazon.  We have no idea how to play it which isn’t really a problem as it is sold out anyway.

So our message to those board game makers out there is, pull your finger out. By next Christmas we would like a pile of unplayed bicycle board games at least 5 feet high so that we have something to donate to charity in June.  If you guys find any bicycle related board games then please feel free to tell us in the comments below or to drop us a line on



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  • You need to check out Attack The Pack! Great card game based around a pro bike race.

    Ben Broomfield 22nd August 2016 3:31 pm