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charities that recycle bicycles

Bicycle charities that recycle and redistribute old bikes

One reason that we love cycling so much is that, in the main, most of the people you meet that have anything to do with bikes are pretty decent human beings.

We all like to do our bit but sometimes it is a little hard to find out how without constantly hitting up our mates for sponsorship money for the next big cycling challenge.

Then we realised if there is a correlation between cycling and being a decent chap or chapess, then finding ways to get more people on bikes can only result it there being more nice people on the planet.

So we decided to try and list as many of the charities that we can find that recycle and redistribute bikes.  This is by no means an exhaustive list (and we will update it on a regular basis) but it’s a start;

Most of these charities were sent to us by the amazing community on the r/bicycling section of reddit (a super helpful bunch of people).

We will keep working on and adding to this list and we hope to write up profiles of all of these bicycle charities over the coming months and years.  If you can help then either mail us on or add them to the thread on reddit.

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