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Bicycle mechanic tales – 11 dumbest questions from cyclists!

We were chatting to our local bike mechanic the other day and asked her what is the dumbest question that a new cyclists has ever asked her.  She paused for thought sniggered and then came out with this little gem.

Which lever slows the bike down and which one makes it go faster?

After cleaning the coffee out of our nostrils we had a thought, there must be some monumentally stupid questions out there and bike mechanics must have an endless list of them.

So for the benefit of humour and also to save those nooby cyclists embarrassing themselves further, here is our list of

Embarrassingly stupid questions that bicycle mechanics get asked?

  1. What is in fact the purpose of spokes and do I need them?
  2. Had a customer in asking about road bikes at the entry level end, I said we sell the “giant” bikes, to the reply, I don’t want anything that big.
  3. I know a lot about bikes so i adjusted the gears myself. I tightened all the loose screws including those two sticking out of my rear derailleur but now only 2 of my 10 gears work. Why?
  4. Where do I fit the training wheels on this balance bike?
  5. Can I have a tyre for my bike …..yes sure what size ……ermm..not sure ..but it’s a Green bike
  6. I’ve had several ask me, while I’m working on a bike, “Do you fix bikes”?
  7. Know of any certified bike mechanics around here???
  8. Is this on warranty? (when having to deal with their first flat tyre)
  9. Why is the air always missing in the bottom of the wheel, No matter how much air I put in it…
  10. Calls on the phone, puts telephone to part on bike making an odd noise; can you hear that? Why is it making this noise ?!
  11. Should I ‘oil’ my brake pads if they squeak??
bicycle mechanics dumb questions

At least he is buying a bike right!

We want to thank the bikemechanics who commented on the thread and hope that they are having a better day soon.

So next time you think of asking a dumb question to a bicycle mechanic, read this post first and then…..Just Ride!

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  • I had to replace some damaged bearings on a costumer’s bike, and he said to me: “I’m a pilot and I’ve never heard about the need to replace the bearings on a bike”

    Dor 30th April 2016 10:08 am