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Big Bike Bash 2016 – The ultimate family friendly bike festival

We have been doing a lot of research into mountain bike events in the UK and recent developments in the McC household have made family friendly bike events a little more important.

I mean you don’t want to have take turns riding laps while the kids are wired to their phones playing Space Invaders (or summit like that).  You want to go to the kind of event where you can enjoy your riding and hang out with rather than next to your family.

So imagine our surprise when we stumbled across the Big Bike Bash, which seemed to be the answer to our prayers, we though it was too good to be true but on meeting and interviewing one of the trustee’s of the event Matt Treviss we have to say it looks like something we are now adding to our summer 2016 calendar.

Matt is a cyclist to the core, in fact he recently launched his own club – Push the Cranks and he also runs the digital marketing for a large UK cycling firm (we wont mention them here as BigBike Bash is a separate thing).  He is a bit of a live wire and to be honest we can’t remember the last time we chatted to someone who was so enthusiastic, it is quite infectious.  (We bet it isn’t so nice at 7am after a hard night on the beer though)

To top it all off Big Bike Bash is for Charity and all of the money raised goes into helping young people become more active.


Matt Treviss

Matt’s body guard scared us more than a little.


Let the Big Bike Bash 2016 Interview begin….

Tell us what the big bike bash is all about, who it’s for and what to expect… 5 words?

Bikes, Bands, Beer – Family Mountain Bike Festival. (maths clearly isn’t your strong point as that is 7 words)

Right now answer the same question in a paragraph?

The big bike bash is the ultimate family mountain bike festival. Everything about the event is geared up for families having an awesome time on and off their bikes. We have over 50 different bike races and challenges for all ages and abilities. This includes a Lake Jump, cross country racing, gravity track racing, wheelie and bunny hop challenges, kids races all weekend, balance bike races, pint to pint racing, face painting, 3 nights of live music, a full-on beer festival with over 20 different ales to try. Since the event started we’ve raised over £60,000 for charity. Family ticket costs only £135 and includes free camping.

How long has it been running?

8 years! (that is about 55 trail dog years if you are interested)

What is the key event?

Lake Jump is awesome – but with over 50 different bike related challenges, races and competitions there is something for everyone! and for those less into their cycling there is the music festival and loads of on-site activities (see below).


Big Bike Bash – Lake Jump from Andrew Dixon on Vimeo.

Why did you choose the Avon and Tyrrell Outdoor Activity Centre as a venue?

It’s a purpose build youth activity centre. Lots of showers / toilets on site. And if you don’t fancy cycling you can do climbing, high ropes, zip line, archery etc.. You don’t have to camp, there is a large house on site offering bed and breakfast.

What is UK youth and why that charity specifically?

Avon Tyrrell is the UK headquarters for UK Youth…However, this year we have decided to start our own Charity called Action Academy which will not only support UK Youth but also allows us to donate money to other charities who help young people.

When is the event held?

August Bank Holiday – 26 to 29th August.

How much is a ticket?

–          Family £135.00 – awesome value!!!!!!!

–          Adult £70.00

–          Spectator £40.00

You can buy a ticket by clicking here.

Is it true you have a semi professional MC with immense beatboxing skills at the event?

Semi pro MC yes….but lacking in the beatbox department. If however you want to win an awesome prize I’m you’re man!

Here are some pics of the event, we think it looks ace and if you haven’t made your mind up yet then we have promised Matt a couple of ultra rare TwoWheelsBetter (Just Ride) t-shirts to give away as comp prizes.


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