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Bike nominated for a nobel peace prize

Ok lets start by saying that this is probably a publicity stunt and looking at the effort that they have made on their web page not a great one.  That being said though Italian TV show Caterpillar is spearheading a campaign to have the bicycle nominated for a 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

The sentiment is great and if they can get enough people behind it, there is a chance that it might pick up some traction (I mean just look at the campaign that made Rage Against the Machine the UK Christmas number 1 in 2009).

So here is what the site has to say about the candidacy – (Google translate version)

The bicycle is an instrument of peace.
It’s the most democratic tool of transport for all mankind, it does not cause wars and pollution, it decreases car accidents.

Moreover in the past it was used by liberation and resistance movements in many countries.

Caterpillar and its audience are wishing to Achieve this goal.
On a two-wheeler, of course.

You can find the original Italian version here

If you are wondering what the team behind this effort look like then wonder no more;

caterpillar website pic

Like we said the site isn’t exactly inspiring

If you want to get involved then give this a share (petition link) and lets see if we can make this happen.

Remember when it comes to world peace Two Wheels are Better.

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