For the love of bikes!

Bike to work – on a bus?

We are all for getting more people to bike to work but this is taking things a little far.  (fast forward the video to 40 seconds and then get ready to say WTF)

BikeBus is run by husband and wife team Eric and Seema Brodie and is was originally scheduled as a commuter service at $35 a pop in Boston in the US of A.

Brodie is quoted as saying;

“For people who drive or take public transportation to work, the rush hour commute can be long, stressful, and bad for your health. By substituting a long commute with a fun, safe, and high-intensity workout, BikeBus solves the problem of how to turn wasted commuting time into productive exercise time. Some ask: Why not just grab a bike and ride to and from work? For many, that’s a perfect way to commute. But for others, it’s not. The unfortunate reality is that urban bicyclists have to compete with hazards associated with cars, pedestrians, beat up roads, and changing weather conditions. For some, the distance is too far, while others don’t want to have to bike in both directions.”

We are not entirely sure what to say about this but our original thought was that this could only happen in America (sorry American friends we love you really).  However we have seen a report in UK bike trade publication BikeBiz that suggest that this concept is heading for the UK.

Where in the UK, where else…..London.

Whatever happened to;

moment of silence

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