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hide my bell fitted to a garmin

Crazy Kickstarter bicycle projects – Hide my Bell

I’m sure you guys will understand that we get sent a lot of different ideas here at the Two Wheels Better mothership (shed).  This one split us right down the middle with half of us thinking it was genius and the other half thinking it was crackpot.

Now we know that in the UK bikes have to be sold with bells fitted (and reflectors) but there is no legal requirement to keep them on the bike whilst in use (thanks bikehub).

That means that as an invention (in the UK at least) this product is solving a problem that isn’t really there.  That aside though it looks pretty neat.

The design behind the product as you can see is pretty nice as you can see below but then again we have seen some cool chocolate teapots.

hide my bell fitted to a garmin

The hide my bell in use


They have very clearly put a lot of effort into testing the design as you can see from the prototypes below.


The 3D printed prototypes of hide my bell

The 3D printed prototypes of hide my bell


We also love their diagram that shows that bells are eco friendly (because they don’t use batteries).  Also they show the weight that the bell adds to your bike just in case you are a bell loving weight weenie.


diagram of hide my bell

An unnecessarily complicated diagram of a very simple product.


As we said before this product leaves us torn but if the laws on bells are different in different European countries then it might stand a chance.  If you are interested in supporting Hide My Bell you can join their Kickstarter here.

Remember when it come to crazy Kickstarter projects….Two Wheels are Better.

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