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Eurobike 2015 – we have arrived

We have arrived at the Eurobike 2015 show in Germany after a journey that involved planes, trains and automobiles (and very rough ferry crossing).

We are here with our pals from and where as they tend to cover the serious stuff we will be posting our usual collection of rogues galleries and weird products hitting the bike market this year.

So lets start off with a random e-bike and a some pics of the guys as they being the great eurobike #schwagoff.  (who can blag the weirdest bit of promo merch).

Stay tuned to the site and our facebook page for more updates, we’ll keep posting as much as the dodgy wifi here will allow us.


A cargo e-bike – hot or not?


The stage is set for a great show


Jo Burt draws first blood in the great #shwagoff


Mat Brett returns fire with a pen.

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts and Remember Two Wheels are Better.

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