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Global bike to work day – Strava Metro – #Commutescount

So it turns out that not content with creating a bunch of stravassholes on the trails the boffins at Strava are now trying to take over our morning commute with their “Global bike to work day” and the “Strava Metro” initiative.

Actually this one isn’t such a bad idea as the video above (created by Rich Mitch) shows.  The idea is to use the data collected from all of our commutes to create a data base of the most heavily used roads and to show where investing in better cycling infrastructure might be of most benefit.

There is a really good article that gives a lot more information on this on, which is worth a read.

However if you are really not in to Strava and still fancy spicing up your commute have you tried – “Silly Commuter Racing”.

We should probably fess up that we don’t actually hate strava in fact we have a club (that we sometimes give t-shirts and stuff too. (here)

So when is Global bike to work day?

It’s on the 3rd of May which is 03/05/16 in the UK and 05/03/16 for our American cousins.

Will there be a Strava Challenge Badge?

As with all Strava challenges there is a badge (probably the easiest badge you will ever earn).  You can see it below;



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