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Mountain Biker Game on iOS – Video Preview

So it was bound to happen, not 4 months after Red Bull released their game another one has been announced from Developer Escape Velocity.

This one is called imaginatively Mountain Biker and is not free like the Red Bull incumbent which hopefully means that you would need to spend a fortune in micro transactions to get anywhere in the game.

Bike Unchained the MTB video game from Red Bull on iOS and Android

We recently switched from our iOS lump of pig iron to a glossy Android device so we are not sure when we will be able to review this for you but if you are still loyal to apple (mug) then it releases on teh 14th of Jan and will cost £2.29 and can be bought here.

For the rest of us we are going to have to make do with the video (which actually looks ok) and hope they get it out on Google Play soon.  We find their claim that Mountain biking has never been this much fun a little bit of a stretch but if you want to know more here are details of the game;

Mountain Biker’s features include:

– Beat 14 Pro Riders from across the globe: Sam Pilgrim, Brendan Fairclough, Szymon Godziek, Sam Reynolds, Thomas Genon, Jackson Goldstone, Kelly McGarry, Manon Carpenter, Nicholi Rogatkin, Andrew Neethling, Matt Macduff, Olly Wilkins, Katy Curd & Olivier Cuvet.
– 7 Authentic Bike Brands: Buy and ride bikes from top manufacturers including Scott, YT Industries, DMR, Canyon, Banshee & Polygon.
– 7 Top Component Manufacturers: Upgrade components for increased performance from Spank, Hope, DMR, X-Fusion, Cane Creek, Maxxis & Schwalbe.
– 18 Tricks: Moto-Whip, No-Hands, Table-Top, Two-Star, Whip, Toboggan, Superman, Cannonball, Backflip, Frontflip, Backflip No-Hands, Frontflip No-Hands, Backflip Superman, Frontflip No-Feet, Backflip Ruler, Frontflip Superman, Backflip Tsunami & Frontflip Flatline!
– 3 great Locations: British Columbia, Utah & Alps, with more coming soon.
– Trail Builder: Create your own perfect, gnarly and / or challenging trails and share them with the world. Set your own challenges and see who can beat your trail!
– Seamless Online & Offline Game-Play: Compete with the Pro Riders, your own friends as well as all other Game Centre players with leaderboards for each and every trail in the game – even user-generated trails.
– Hours of Game-Play: Conquer 3 Mountains, beat 14 Pro Riders, beat over 50 offline trails, and tons of achievements just to finish the offline game. Online gameplay is practically infinite as new user-generated trails will be appear daily.
– Achievements: Some are easy, some are hard and some are secret!

Personally we would rather go out and…..Just ride!

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