For the love of bikes!

StarWars + Lego + Cycling = Win

I don’t think we really need to set the scene too much with this post.  We love StarWars as you guys are well aware and we also love Lego.  Once you add cycling to the mix then there is no way that we are not going to like every single picture in this gallery.

If you can find any more Star Wars related cycling or even Lego cycling pics then post them to our facebook page and we will share them on this blog.


The death star chase scene from ‘A New Hope’ on bikes

imperial bike troopers

Team sky announce their new outfits for 2016

star temyoung

Henchmen have families too


Green (or blue) means good….right?

trooper pump

Pumping tyres beats pumping gas


Even is space there is no escaping the press


Trooper training starts early – #startemyoung


Vader gets his hipster on!!!


If you are not such a big fan of Star Wars (shame on you) then how about this Lego Cycling Shop

lego bike shop


Remember even in galaxy far, far away…Two Wheels are Better.

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