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Cycle crash Santa Barbara

THAT Crash Video And Three More

It’s been everywhere already, but it’s still worth watching again. It’s a Category 3 road race in Santa Barbara and the peloton is going over a bridge when a touching of the wheels ends with bikes and people going everywhere.

For one cyclist that very nearly meant falling 30 ft to the dry creek below the bridge.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, it’s the sort of thing to make you believe in a higher power.

Seeing as we were watching that we thought we’d round up a couple more road crashes for you to marvel at. Let us know if you have any – safe – crash videos to share.

1. El Purito Takes a Tumble, And Gets Up

The first was posted by the now-retired Joaquim Rodríguez on Twitter and shows what would appear to be Rodríguez himself hitting the barriers and going over and down into a ditch before clambering back up and heading off again. (For the non-Spanish speaker the Tweet says something like: ‘Behavior of a cyclist when you fall !! First: I’m fine, Second: how is my bike ?? Third: Put the handle well and continue!’)

2. That’s Why They Have Barriers

This one is an oldie but goldie, starring Tao Geoghegan Hart crashing in the Tour of Britain back in 2014.

3. Not On The Road, But Lots Of Fun

And finally we’ve got a compilation from last week’s World CX Championships in Bieles, Luxembourg where the icy course led to plenty of falls and fails.

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