For the love of bikes!

Who is faster, a cross-country, downhill or a freeride rider?

It’s an argument that lights up any internet chat room. Who is faster, a cross-country, downhill or freeride rider? People will wade in into this debate and fight their corner. Kona has put together this video in an attempt to answer the question once and for all. It’s not scientific at all, it’s just a bit of fun. It put three different racers on the same bike, a Kona Process, but which is available in four travel modes; 111, 134, 153 and 167mm.

It’s worth watching really just because there’s some awesome riding on display.

Here’s the PR blurb from Kona:

Take one of the fastest cross-country racers in North America, a Top 10 World Cup downhill racer, and a Red Bull Rampage podium freeride superstar, plop them way up high in the middle of the mountains, and let the battle rage. Kona Team riders Spencer Paxson, Connor Fearon and Graham Agassiz met on the top of Retallack Lodge’s Reco Peak, each with their own hand-selected model of 2015 Kona Process all mountain steed, and prepared to see who could tally the most points over 16 kilometres and 6,000 vertical feet of singletrack bliss. With points awarded for cross-country power, downhill steeze and freeride flare, the goal was to see what Process-to-athlete combo would emerge the winner. Would it be Paxson on the 29-inch wheel, shorter travel Process 111? Fearon on the super-capable, 27.5-inch wheel, mid travel 134, or Aggy on the burly 153? And who might get a hold of the Rasta-hued 26-inch wheel, park-oriented 167? So many questions, so much stress. With a mountain of singletrack ahead of them, who will emerge victorious at the first ever Kona Process Challenge?


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