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Why mountain biking is better than road cycling – 10 reasons

We are a mixed lot here at the mothership (shed) with representation from all sides,  that is both mountain bikers and road cycling. To be honest most of us do both but always prefer one to the other.

The question of which is better pops up a lot but we never can agree on an answer so we put it to you wheelers and as usual you came up trumps.  A heavy caveat here is that this is just for fun, on the whole most of you guys like to ride both styles like us but at the end of the day does it matter (yes because MTB rocks – McC).

So without further a do and with tongue firmly planted in cheek here are 10 reasons that mountain biking kicks the butt of road cycling.

  1.  Mud and rocks and bashing over obstacles, because you can

  2. Mountain biking is about enjoying peace and nature,technical climbs and downhills – not just pounding out miles

  3. No Cars – No Problem

  4. We have a beer after a ride – not a gel shot and an electrolyte drink

  5. There are more different flavours of MTB riding than there are road.

  6. Berms baby – berms

  7. Getting lost with a paper map and just finding new places.

  8. Seeing some wildlife in it’s natural environment and not just mashed by the side of the road.

  9. No Pollution from Lorries and busses

  10. The views are just better.

The guys also sent in a few pictures to support their arguments which you can see below.  For all you roadie types please bear with us as you will get your turn next.

12003395_10154206118397564_5222941754869717579_n 11988232_867117016718270_1387458766794570290_n 11217963_867448890018416_7186983077522827909_n 12009585_867121733384465_6917874184725597062_n

We also love this form the guys at MPORA.



Remember Two Wheels are Better.

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