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5 of the best mountain bike helmets

Eating dirt now and again is pretty standard for most mountain bikers, so wearing a helmet to stop you suffering serious damage to your bonce is a very wise idea.

There’s masses of helmets to choose from out there, but we’ve whittled it down to five of our favourite trail lids ranging from mid-price to spendier models. You almost always get what you pay for when it comes to helmets, with better safety features and levels of durability tending to appear on pricier models, so try to buy the best one you can afford.

Specialised Tactic II

The Tactic II feels light while wearing and provides excellent airflow to your head through it’s slot shaped vents. The fit is good and helped by a cradle that can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally. The short visor is well positioned, and while not adjustable, it can be easily removed. Available in three sizes

RRP £65
Best price £64.99


Met Terra

At just over 300g, the Terra is the lightest helmet here. Big, well placed vents means that there’s plenty of airflow to stop you overheating. The stubby visor has two positions, though you have to take it off and refit to change things around. While the Terra is one-size-fits-all, the cradle can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically (not all helmets at this price have this feature) to get a good fit.

RRP £69.99
Best price £62.99


Scott Vivo Plus

This Scott lid features a MIPS internal layer which is designed reduce the damage resulting from certain types of impact. This extra tech does bump up the price, but the Vivo is also available for £15 or so less without it. The helmet is one of the lighter ones we tried here and, despite smaller sized vents, one of the coolest feeling ones too. The build and fit are excellent and the Vivo Plus is available in three sizes.

RRP £89.99
Best price £80.99


Lazer Revolution

While the Revolution’s star-pilot style definitely divides opinion, if you’re after serious levels of protection in a helmet that will still keep you cool, it’s tough to beat. It comes with clip-on ear protectors, a Go-Pro/helmet light mount, plus the option for a screw-in chin bar – if you want to make it DH legal. The super deep fit is very secure and the visor flips up allowing you to park goggles below if you’re using them. It’s not light at 424g for a medium size though.

RRP £119.99
Best price £95.99


Giro Montaro

The Montaro certainly isn’t cheap, but you get a ton of bangs for your buck in this helmet that’s won a number of group tests. The fairly deep fit is excellent and there’s plenty of adjustment to enable you to get it just right. It offers great levels of protection all around the helmet and comes with a MIPS layer too. You get a removable Go-Pro/light mount in the box, the visor has four positions and the Montaro works really well with goggles. Like the Revolution, it’s not light though, our medium sized sample weighing in at 389g.

RRP £149.99
Best price £94.99


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