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7 best accessories for new mountain bikers – recommended by mountain bikers

As many of you are aware McC recently acquired a Surly Instigator 26+ and has decided to widen his mountain biking horizons a little more this year.  With that in mind he has been looking to fill the mothership (shed) with loads of cool mountain bike stuff.  What however are the best must have purchases for any mountain biker starting out?

As ever when we have this kind of question we turn to the best source of information we know the Two Wheels Better community on Facebook and Twitter we also opened the question out to our new found friends on the Reddit MTB community who are a great bunch of guys and gave loads of advice.

So without further a do here is our list of the 7 best beginner mountain bike essentials.  The products in the pic are just for illustration but we will try and review and find the best and the best value for money over the coming months.  We have also excluded helmets because……well if you ride a mountain bike without a helmet the odds are you can’t read anyway (joking).

1. Hydrapack


hydrapak pic

Without one of these where are you going to put the rest of your stuff —-haha…gotcha!

2. MultiTool


multitool pic

One with a chain splitter is mega handy – you don’t need it often but when you do – you’ll be glad you have it

3. Mini Pump


If you are the only person in the group with a pump you are king for a day.

If you are the only person in the group with a pump you are king for a day.

4. Full Finger Gloves


finger mtb gloves

I’d rather have sweaty than shredded hands

5. Dropper Seat Post


dropper post pic

Pricey but if you can afford one you’ll never regret it

6. Knee Pads


kne pads pic

Less for the protection and more for the confidence they give you.

7. Cycle Computer with GPS


GPS pic

I love to go a wandering…..oh wait…wtf am I

You don’t need all of this stuff but with some of it your riding can be a little more fun and comfortable and ultimately this list was created by a group of actual mountain bikers.  Ultimately though all you need is a bike because Two Wheels are Better.


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