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Best budget, best value for money and just plain best mountain bike socks autumn/winter

Lets be honest when it comes to a sport/activity that has a lot of shiny gear that you can buy to enhance your enjoyment (not always performance) of said sport/activity cycling (and especially mountain biking) is right up there with super car racing (or playing table top games like McC).

The mothership (shed) is full to the rafters of kit we have bought and some that has never even left the wrapper but one thing we always get through loads of……is socks.

We get sent the odd free pair of mountain biking socks but generally there are three that we always stick with in the winter. So below is our guide to (in our opinion) to the best budget, best value for money and just plain best mountian biking socks (autumn and winter edition).

Best Budget Mountain Bike Sock


It’s not even a traditional mountain bike sock and it doesn’t even come from a cycling retailer (*gasps), it is great though and we discovered it by accident when McC accidentally borrowed a pair of Mrs McC’s welly socks (we don’t advocate stealing under garments from your significant other – unless it’s frilly!!).  These socks are great, comfortable, warm and cheap which means you don’t mind getting through a few pairs, when the weather is really wet and sloppy go for a pair of these.

Isocool Mens Hiker Socks – £5.99 from Mountain Warehouse


Mountain Warehouse Isocool Socks

They come in any colour as long as it’s beige

What the site description says;

The IsoCool Mens Hiker Socks are great for exploring the countryside and mountains. Made of a durable, thick cotton blend with our IsoCool properties – the socks are extremely comfortable and provide ample support.  Fabric composition – made of 70% cotton, 15% polyester and 2% elastane IsoCool – our IsoCool fabric is quick dry, highly breathable and wicks away perspiration from the body to keep you cool Great for – long country walks, treks and hiking holidays – (and mountainbiking).

Best Value for Money Mountain Bike Sock


We were actually sent a pair of these for free by the guys at wiggle who then promptly decided to remove the peroduct from their site, we are not entirely sure why they sent them to us if they had no intention of stocking them, but we are glad that they did.  This sock is super  comfy and is constructed to go on a specific foot, it even has left or right written on the corresponding sock (for testing Rich had to right left and right on McC’s feet too as he often gets them mixed up).

The socks are kinda 80’s in their look but they are long and warm which is perfect for those early morning trail blasts.  Also at £7.49 these are great value for money.

Altura Free Ride Thermo Socks –  £7.49 from Leisure Lakes Bikes



It was acceptable in the 80’s

What the site description says;

Ride with the big dogs in the Altura Ride Free Thermo Sock made from highly breathable fabric.

Just Plain Best Mountain Bike Sock


Drum roll please……….(drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)…….as these are without a doubt (unless you disagree – as this is only our opinion…..well McC’s opinion actually) the best mountain bike sock (for winter) in the world ever.  Nothing to do with the fact that they are made by a Scottish company (*coughs) and everything to do with the fact that they are the comfiest and warmest mountian bike socks on gods (insert other deity here) green (insert another colour if you live in a desert, tundra or under water) Earth (insert another planet if you don’t hale from Earth).

They are super comfy and have survived several trips through the washing machine unscathed, McC would wear them more if Mrs McC would keep nicking them to use as welly socks.  The winner is;

Endura BaaBaa Winter II Socks – £12.49 from Chain Reaction Cycles


endura BaaBaa Winter II Socks

The only thing that could make them better is a Saltire


The Endura BaaBaa Winter socks keep your toes warm on cold rides. Ideal for MTB riding, merino wool keeps its warmth, even when wet. The Baa Baa cycling socks fit well, offering comfort and support where you need it, they’re also fast wicking which keeps your toes dry. Material: 55% Wool, 30% Elastane, 10% Polyester, 5% Nylon, High density Merino blend body, High warmth to weight ratio even when wet, Stretch arch support, Long cuff for extra warmth, Easycare machine wash, Padded toe for extra comfort.

If you can think of a better product to include, write your own blog post and send it to us (we will probably share it).


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