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Best Cheap Mountain Bike Lights – chosen by real mtb riders

You guys know how we work by now, McC decides he want’s to try or buy something. Has a look around the internet and then passes the benefit of his countless mistakes onto you guys so that you don’t have to repeat them.  This time he is trying to find the;

Best Cheap Mountain Bike Lights.

Now there is cheap and very cheap so what might seem like a lot of money to one person might not seem like much to another.  It’s good to remember that if you are planning on riding your mountain bike at night (probably in the winter) you are going to fall off (a lot if you are McC) and when you fall off things break.  It’s safe to say that you are probably going to break your first set of lights so if you can’t comfortably afford to replace them then they are probably too expensive.

With that in mind we asked around and tried to find a few lights at different price points that have been recommended by a few different riders.  Remember we haven’t reviewed any of these yet but as soon as we do we will pop the links in here.

The Lumenator – £122 (currently on offer for £105 (from MTB Batteries) 


Even the little strap glows in the dark

This came the most highly recommended on both facebook on reddit (we love rMTB) and down the pub but at over £100 it’s not budgie cheap.

The claimed run time is;

  • up to 3 hours on Full
  • 10 hours at 70% mode
  • 30 hours at 40% mode
  • 50 hours at 10% mode.

In the box it comes with;

  • Helmet Strap
  • 2 Size O-Rings
  • 6 cell Li-Ion battery inside a neoprene battery pouch with velcro strap for securing to bike frame.
  • UK Type 3-Pin Charger.

McC has one of these winging it’s way to him so expect a badly written review to pop up here at some point in the next 3 years.

Cree Revtronic 1600 Lumens Bike Light –  $59.99 (about £48.50)


Looks pretty trick for a cheap light

Loads of people reccomended Cree lights and almost as many said to stay away from them but they have a pretty good review on Amazon and to be honest at this price if they do half the things they say they can then they really are a bargain.

The marketing blurb on site states;

  • ULTRA POWERFUL – Features 4xCree XP-G2 LEDs,max output 1600 Lumens.The ideal bike light for mountain biking, touring, commuting, etc.
  • NEUTRAL WHITE LEDs – This color temperature makes object looks full of detail and definition. It possesses the excellent illumination effect in outdoor activities.
  • GENTLE BEAM – Uses high quality optical lens with a wide-beam-angle, you will NOT feel visual fatigue after a long riding.
  • SUPER LONG BATTERY LIFE – Powered by 7.4V 5.2Ah Rechargeable Battery Pack, our bike light runs 3 hours on High and 12.8 hours on Low.
  • DURABLE. Made of air-grade aluminium alloy,makes the BT40S bike light impact resistant & corrosion-proof.

I think we will see if we can get a set of these for Bodders to review as he is only little and if he falls off then he has a lot less further to fall.

Last and by no means least we have the super cheapies;

CREE U2 X3 XML Front MTB Bicycle Bike Light – £28.99 (from e-bay)


MTB lights with added Wings – hmmmm!

Well at this price you can’t expect them to be good looking but do they really have to be this ugly.  It’s those cree folks again and again they come with 50% love and 50% hate but as one guy put it on reddit.  At this price you can afford to get a new set every year.

The marketing blurb is below

  • 100% Brand New
  • Output bright can come to 6000 Lm [Lumens]
  • Waterproof, but don’t put it into water directly
  • Extensive Lifetime of Cree LED (100,000 hours)
  • Suitable for most indoor like home maintenance and outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, map reading, night fishing, night flying, sailing, caving and hunting.

Yep, this is actually what it says and yes it doesn’t mention cycling once in the things it is suitable for.  However if you fancy reading a map to find a hunting spot whilst you are sailing to your night fishing spot where you have pitched your tent a short hike from your microlight then this is the light for you.

As ever if you find any better products then post the links in the comments below and we will try and include them.

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