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Best Kids Bikes – the lighter the better – ish

At the time of reading the odds are that Mrs McC will be effortlessly popping out McC jnr.  Obviously we deal with this by looking at what the best kids bike is to buy.

It has been pointed out that apparently newborn babies have limited riding skills but it pays to be prepared so we have been doing a little research on the best bikes for young children and have a few thoughts.

First of all as the video above shows – weight is really important and we never really thought of it as a massive issue till Seth points out that some kids bikes can weigh about 75% of the kids on body weight.

If our bikes weighed that we would never be able to pedal them uphill as they would weigh………actually we are not telling you that.

So after weight we have durability – we don’t know about you guys but when we were kids we fell off a lot (McC still does). Whilst kids tend to heal and bounce…bikes don’t.

So here are the bikes that we will be buying (we reserve the right to change this if something better comes along)

Best Balance Bike

The Ridgeback Scoot 2016 – Runner Bike – £99.99




Best Kids BMX (style)

Islabikes Cnoc 14 – £259.99 new or from £140 on ebay




Best Kids First Mountain Bike

Specialized Hotrock 24 XC 2016 Kids Bike (24″ Wheel) – £350


So this should cover the little blighter from toddle to early teens then as far as we are concerned it’s our old hand me downs all the way.

As ever if you can think of a better selection let us know in all the usual ways.

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