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Bike Envy: British company Bird launches two new hardtails

British company Bird has launched two new hardtails for 2016. The Zero.AM is a happy hardcore hardtail designed around a 150mm travel fork and the Zero.TR is designed for a 130mm and features a lighter frame than last year’s version.

bird zero

bird zero

Britain is a haven for hardtails. Their simplicity, both in riding style and low maintenance, makes them very appealing to UK mountain bikers, particularly for riding through the muddy winter. Just as full suspension bikes are evolving, so too are hardtails: they’re getting longer, slacker and lower.

First launched in 2013, the Bird Zero hardtail is now offered in two distinct flavours. Which you choose basically boils down to the sort of rider you are, and the type of riding you do. Trail and XC riders will be best served by the Zero. TR, while downhill junkies will probably prefer the Zero.AM.

The Zero.AM has gotten slacker, it now has a 65.4-degree head angle (67-degrees previously) and the wheelbase is 60mm longer on the size large.

The Zero.TR frame has gone on a diet, the frame is now a whopping 200g lighter. It’s slacker and longer but not by the same excesses of the Zero.AM. It’s designed to climb and traverse just as well as descend. A better all-rounder, if you like.

Bird is a direct-sales company. No shops, you buy direct through their website.  Complete builds start from £1,225 for the Zero.AM and £999 for the Zero.TR. Check them out now at


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