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Carerra Kraken

Cheap hardtail mountain bike – Carrera Kraken 15

We have been trying to find some reviews for the best cheap hardtail mountain bikes in the UK but, if we are really honest, very few UK cycle sites review them and of the few that do they don’t seem to do it with the beginner rider in mind so….

We thought we would try and aggregate all the reviews that are out there and give you the best and worst points from each of them.

We will start with the Carrera Kraken 2015

Rear Wheel Kraken

Shimano Altus 27spd – never heard of them.

Carerra Kraken

White and mountain bikes means a whole lot of cleaning.

Bike Spec –

  • Frame: Lightweight aluminium
  • Forks: 120mm Suntour Front suspension & lockout feature helps on uphill climbs
  • Gears: Shimano Altus 27 speed gears have a wider range and more precise shifting
  • Brakes: Clarks hydraulic disc brakes for self-adjusting stopping power
  • Wheels: Larger 27.5″ wheels with Kenda MTB tyres for better grip

None of the major UK review sites have bothered to review this bike so we have had a look at the Halfords website (trust that at your peril) and the UK user reviews site Reviews Centre.

Halfords customers gave the bike an average of 4.6 out of 5, which seems a little toppy for a £400 hardtail.

average review score

User review scores on retailer sites – hotornot

To give this a little more context we have copied the best and worst scoring reviews below.

Worst Review

1 / 5
A great looking bike with shocking brakes
18 October 2015
Age Group: 45 – 54
Gender: Male
I bought this great looking, medium range bike at the start of the year and immediately knew there was an issue with the brakes so took it straight back to Halfords.
The guys and girls there were very friendly but no one could sort out the problem and told me the brakes would “bed in” or that is “how they are meant to be”, well my bike was very disappointing and I could never trust it.
Over the years I’ve ridden plenty of bikes and most new bikes stop extremely well but these hydraulic disc brakes on the Kracken Mountain bike are unsafe at any speed.
My advice is to give this bike a wide berth.

Best Review

5 / 5
you cant beat this fantastic bike
15 October 2015
Age Group: 45 – 54
Gender: Female
I have had mine for 4 weeks now ok my only gripe was brakes were a little spongey but with use now they are fine, the ride is very smooth, forks are brilliant they handle bumps and potholes very well, and the fact you can adjust them is a big plus point, the gears are very quick too no grumbles there, the seat is comfortable too some are like riding on wood.
The 27.5 inch wheels are a big plus point too and the tyres grip well like I said a very good bike for the money I thought it was better than a Boardman equivalent.
Reviews centre make it a little more difficult to lift their reviews and separate reviews for different year models however on average they gave the bike 3.7 out of 5 over 47 reviews and to be honest most of the bad reviews were about the retailer not the bike.
Two Wheels Better – opinion
After all of our reading and we did a lot we think that you can find better bikes and better customer service at this price.  Ultimately if you know a little bit of basic bike maintenance then head over to ebay or gumtree where you can always pick up a bargain.
Remember even when they are bad….Two Wheels are still Better.


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