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dhb ASV eVent Waterproof Jacket Review


The prospect of a thorough drenching in the miserable winter cold is enough to put many of us off getting out on two wheels during the bleaker months. Wear a cheap waterproof jacket, and that drenching is just as likely to come from your own sweat as it is the elements, as you slowly stew during efforts, before catching a chill on the downhill.


The dhb ASV eVent Waterproof Jacket however, does a fantastic job of keeping you both warm and dry. And well it might. It is technically identical to the jackets worn by the Wiggle Pro Honda team, so if you’re serious about your gear, and have something of an idea, then you won’t be disappointed.

Its roadie slim fit is more suitable for the slighter cyclists among us, and it boasts an aggressive race position cut with a comfortable high neckline and elasticated cuffs. On the rear, there are two reflective strips, and two lightly elasticated gaps that afford you easy and well-positioned access to your jersey pockets without allowing the rain and spray in. It also weighs about the same as a butterfly’s wish, and stuffs down small enough to fit in your jersey’s back pocket when the sun comes out to play.


The form is excellent, but it’s the tech that really makes this jacket worthy of its £110 price tag. The eVent fabric is designed to shield you from incoming water, and vent your sweat through microscopic pores, before the fabric ever actually gets wet on the inside (unlike some other breathable fabric systems which actually have to be wet to work).


In theory, this means you should stay drier on the inside for longer, and have a narrower range of temperature fluctuation as a result. And in our tests, this was borne out well. Despite pulling sustained hard efforts in both full rain and mizzly conditions, we stayed dry and cosy – never experiencing that boil-in-the-bag unpleasantness.

Despite being designed very much with roadies in mind, we also found it pleasingly versatile. Comfortable and performing equally well both riding MTB and (we know, we know) ‘running’. So you can expect to really get your money’s worth. 

You can buy the dhb ASV eVent Waterproof Jacket by clicking here.

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