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dhb Classic Rain Shell Jacket Review

I’ve been using an earlier version of the dhb Classic Rain Shell for a few years now so was keen to give this one a work out when it came up for review.

And I wasn’t disappointed. As with the earlier version you get a solid, hard-working waterproof jacket at a very reasonable price. As Wiggle’s in-house clothing brand, dhb prides itself on value for money and at £60 the dhb Classic Rain Shell Jacket is definitely that.

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The lightweight 2.5 layer waterproof fabric is meant to offer 10,000mm of waterproofing and breathability of 30,000m2/24hrs. But, whatever, really. What we wanted to know was does it do it’s job and keep the water off you.

We’ve been wearing it for a few weeks and it copes with rain no problem and is definitely light enough to be slipped off, rolled up and stuffed in a pocket when the weather turns for the better.

In our more stringent testing (see the video below for one of those tests) it kept everything nice and dry, as you can see.

It’s not a winter jacket so it’s pretty thin, as it’s not going to keep you warm and as it’s a snug roadie fit it’s also quite hard to get too many layers under it, unless you opted for a bigger size and risked it being too baggy.

But it is comfortable and the high collar effectively keeps the rain from your neck and it’s keeps you warm, too with a pleasing fleece-lining.


Inevitably at this price there are a few problems. For instance, the zip is too small and almost impossible to use with gloved hands and the single pocket is fiddly and at the back (although it does double up a zippable pouch to keep the jacket in when not in use, which is a neat touch.

And while it’s definitely and improvement on my older version of the dhb Classic Rain Shell, the claimed breathability isn’t really there. You don’t want to keep it on if there isn’t water in the air as you’ll sweat up from the inside. If you have more cash then you might want to look at the dhb ASV eVent Waterproof Jacket, that Bodders reviewed.

But the Classic Rain Shell Jacket remains a great value for money product with solid waterproofing performance, a nice fit and plenty of comfort.

It makes for a great back-up jacket, used for days when you’re not sure if there’s going to be rain or not and a solid commuter performer.

You can buy the dhb Classic Rain Shell Jacket by clicking here.

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