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dhb Windslam Cycling Peaked Cap Review

If you nobly plan to hit the trails or tarmac this winter, mounted atop your trusty steed like the lycra-clad knight you are, then a warm cap will prove a valuable addition to your armour.

A good deal more insulating than a traditional chapeau and more technically sound than nan’s old wooly hat, the dhb Windslam Cycling Peaked Cap is an absolute steal at just £12.


Half the price of the competition, it delivers excellent insulation from the elements, with dhb’s Windslam membrane running around the front and sides dramatically reducing wind chill. Best of all for those early mornings, the sides of the cap will also cover your delicate little ears, while two vents help stop any significant reduction in your hearing and add to breathability. The small peak also provides a little extra protection from the rain and wind when conditions are especially grim.

Inside it has a snug fleece lining that keeps you warm, but this can get a little damp if both you and the weather warm up too much. Luckily, the whole thing is lightweight and will stuff into a pocket with ease.

On days between around 4°c and 7°c we’ve found that starting the ride with cap on has really added to our comfort, but we’ve then had to remove it within an hour or so. Colder than that, and it has stayed on throughout, keeping us toasty, snug, and compared to our cap-less riding chums, smug.

It’s worth bagging for yourself, or if you have an important cyclist in your life, then this makes an excellent Christmas stocking filler.

You can buy the dhb Windslam Cycling Peaked Cap by clicking here.

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