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Shoka Bell Indiegogo – is it a genius or a bowler hat with sleeves?

What can we say about the Shoka bell… seriously what can we say?

We have watched the video above and have spotted the following features;

  • It makes a noise like a car horn….(good)
  • It has navigation help (that looks…well not very clear)
  • It tells you when someone is shaking your bike (erm….ok)
  • It records your rides (but my phone and garmin both do that already)
  • It integrates with social media (but it’s instagram)

Don’t get us wrong, we love the horn idea but it feels like a lot of the other stuff is shoehorned in to justify the price tag (we have no idea how much it’ll cost).  The design is….well it’s not ugly and to be honest if it had a light and cost under £30 then we’d sign up.

We are guessing however that this will be aimed at hipsters and overpriced.  We expect to see it gracing the reader offer pages of the tabloids in the next 18 months along with one big slipper and the bowler hat with sleeves (fans of Billy Connoly will get this last reference).

We have been wrong though and if anyone get’s their hands on one of these drop us a line and let us know.

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