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E-mountainbikes from a downhill mountainbikers perspective

We love the guys at Wideopen they are real trail rippers and actually run their own team so when it comes to getting an opinion on wether e-mountainbikes are here to stay then we really value their opinion.

In the video above (Jamie of Wideopen you need to change the backing track dude – it hurts) Oliver Morris who is no slouch is takes the Haibike Nduro electric mountian bike out for a spin in South Wales.

Oli makes riding the bike look super easy and for those climbs it is without a doubt totally amazing but is it worth the £4,500 that JE James would ask you for to roll one of these bad boys out of the showroom?

Now McC has pootled around the Raleigh Bicycles (who distribute HaiBike in the UK) private pump track on one of these bad boys and for a novice rider it feels a little weird.  The power feels a little jagged at first but you soon get used to when it is going to come and learn to pedal differently.

That is the main issue though, if you have to learn to ride differently then is this the bike for you?

It was great fun to ride and to be honest McC was beaming from ear to ear afterwards, but the price was just a little too steep to tempt him to reach for that cheque book.

The Raleigh UK pump track

Raleigh Uk Velo Park from Raleigh UK on Vimeo.

If you fancy trying an e-bike the guys at JE James will let you hire this cammo fat wheeled beast (below) for around £40 a day and to be honest we would suggest you try that first.

Haibike Fat 6 e-bike

If you are going e-bike you might as well stand out

If your mates are still talking to you after blazing them on the climbs on this bad boy then drop us a line and let us know what you think as we are still undecided.  Even the video above E-mountainbikes from a downhill mountainbikers perspective doesn’t draw any real conclusions.  So we wait with baited breath to find out if e-mountain bikes are going to be the next big thing in 2016.


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