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Now that Two Wheels Better (that is this blog) are trying to be a little bit more professional (never gonna happen) we have decided to set up an newsletter.

Truth be told we have actually been running one for about 6 weeks now (we just haven’t told many people).  The mail is distributed on a Wednesday evening (UK time) and will only ever contain links to our 3 best posts from that week.

One other reason to sign up is that for the next few weeks we are going to be choosing one subscriber a week to receive one of our exclusive Just Ride shirts.

These are rarer than BluePeter badges (UK ref – soz) and only people who are subscribed to our newsletter or who do something massively cool in the world of cycling will have the chance to receive one.

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You can’t buy these (yet) you have to do something impressive for us to give you one.

If you are interested then sign up below and not only will you never miss our coolest content but you might also be in with a chance of receiving one of our coolest shirts.

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If you fancy looking at some of the other cool shirts that Oli has designed then click here.  If not then you should simply sign up to the Two Wheels Better newsletter as every cool new thing (and a few crap ones) will be announced on here first.


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