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3 steps to saving on ebay seller fee’s

So you have decided to use ebay to flog off some of your old bike gear (to make room for new stuff right). Well we have had a few experiences with our friends at ebay and paypal which you might want to read about.

If you are still going ahead with it then we want you to learn from our mistakes.  So we scoured the internet and have 3 simple tips to saving on ebay fee’s.

Don’t use Paypal



Paypal is great for buyers but if you are the seller they whack you with a fee of 3.4% of the amount paid so if you sell a bike for £500 you are already going to be £17.20 down before you have started.  If you can ask the user to pay in cash or by cheque. No paypal = no fee.

Use the fee calculator

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They don’t publicise it very well but there is in fact a very good fee calculator on ebay here. You can play around with different categories and listing types until you find the one that will cost you the least.

Read this page from Money Saving Expert

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First a hygiene warning these guys get paid an affiliate commission (share of whatever you spend) from ebay for shoving you in there (so the page is littered with links to ebay) but the advice is generally good and they update it regularly, you can find the article here.

Now we have warned you, then you wont be ripped off as much as we were.  Good luck on selling your bike or kit and remember to spend the money you earned (only) on replacement bikes and kit.

Remember Two Wheels are Better.


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