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How to bump jump a mountain bike

Sorry we haven’t been posting as much recently but we have been working and riding a lot more.  We thought we would get back on the pony by looking at some more skills (howto) stuff.  This time we are looking at mountain bike technique and how to jump a mountain bike.

As ever we scower the internet for the best tutorials and watch them and try out the techniques to see which one you should try and yet again the amazing Seths Bike Hacks has come up with the goods.

The bump jumping technique allows you to use the momentum of the bike to get some air rather than physical strength or great riding technique.  McC actually managed to use this technique at his local trail to consistently get some air between his big fat plus tyres and the ground.

We wont write up the technique as the video best explains it and we couldn’t do as good a job as Seth.  If you can think of any better tutorials on how to jump a mountain bike then drop us a line at all the usual places.

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