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How to jump a mountain bike – The Seth’s way

We have watched a load of Mountain bike skills videos but somehow we find that the videos from Seth’s Bike Hacks are always the most useful and easy to follow.  In this video he takes you through how to jump a mountain bike.

You may think this is easy as we all used to do it when we were kids (McC still has a scar from a home made ramp collapsing under him when he was 10). The truth is that most of us have forgotten these basic skills and getting the basics right is what improves your overall trail handling.

The landing is always the hardest part (for us at least).

So what are Seth’s top tips on How to Jump a mountain bike

  • You must always stand when doing jumps
  • Start small and work your way up
  • Stick to table tops when you are learning, then progress to small doubles
  • Practice on dropped kerbs on the street

Once you have mastered the art of jumping why not try and master a few more mountain bike skills using the articles below;

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