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How to ride Berms on your Mountain Bike

If you are planning to blast any singletrack or park riding then being able to properly ride a berm is going to seriously enhance your enjoyment.  Nothing feels better than being able to flow from berm to berm on a well maintained trail (apparently………it’s a skill I still haven’t entirely nailed).

I have been looking at videos on (that there) Youtube and have found two that seem to cover it pretty well but I thought I would let you two guys choose between them.  The one from GMBN and is clean and straightforward (but it feels a little corporate), the second from Park City TV is definately a bit more MTB (duuuuuuuuuuuddde) but not quite so clear on the instructions.

As ever we will leave it to you wheelers to decide;


Park City TV

Remember Two Wheels are Better.

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