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5 things made from recycled bicycle chains

5 things made from recycled bicycle chains

The bicycle is a wonderful thin and not only does it save on fossil fuels, keep you trim and make you generally awesome but even at the end of their life bicycle parts can have a second life.

This week we are focusing on the second life of the humble bicycle chain thanks mainly to the hundreds of pictures you guys send us every month.

These 5 items made from recycled bicycle chains are our absolute favourite, if however you have any more then send them to us on and we might do another gallery (maybe even next week).

So without any further waffle we give you;

5 Things made from recycled bicycle chains


Recycled  chain main

He’s a Chain Man! (sung to the tune of soul man)

recycled chain tank

Now if they could make a bicycle tank that would make our commute easier

recycled chain bowl

Perfect for bike swapping parties.

recycled chain loo

This is our favourite and probably the easiest to DIY

recycled chain mirror

We want one of these for the shed, they re not easy to make though.

If you like stuff made out of recycled bicycle parts then why not look at some of these too;


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