For the love of bikes!

8 things made from recycled bicycle chains & some dogs

We love a bit of bicycle themed recycling here at TwoWheelsBetter and especially love it when you can recycle old bicycle parts into something useful.

Sometimes however the vaguely ridiculous (like some of the dogs above) is also beautiful in a funny kind of (wouldn’t want it in your house) way.

This month we are looking at some of the great pictures you have sent us of things made from old recycled bicycle chains and if anyone want’s to send us a video of how any of this stuff is made we will definitely give that a share.

Send to the usual social channels including our facebook page, facebook group (invite only), twitter or tumblr.

As ever we try to avoid the old cliche’s so this time we are trying to find stuff that doesn’t include; Christmas Decorations, Bracelets or Key Fobs.

Our favourite 8 things made from old recycled bicycle chains

Chain Letter

recycled chain letter

Who doesn’t love receiving a chain letter *sniggers

Chain Bottle Opener

chain bottle opener

Not entirely made from chain so it is cheating

Chain Tea-light (it’s a friggin dwarf candle) Holder

recycled from old bicycle chains

Who even owns this many candles

Chain Fruit Bowl

chain fruit bowl

Not sure the fruit would last long in here

Chain (another) Fruit Bowl

chain recycled fruit bowl

Your car keys would slip through the…..oops…erm…nice bowl innit.

Chain Dog

chain dog

Which one would you rather have?

Chain Key Hooks

key chain made from chain

I guess it’s still technically a key chain

Chain Key Chain (with a difference)

it's not a key chain

Do you have to saw the ends off your own keys for this

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