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Clothing made from old inner tubes

How many things can you make from old recycled inner tubes?  We had a look at this in a previous post and came up with a few bits and bobs but this time we decided to look at clothing specifically.  Could you clothe yourself entirely in a wardrobe made from old recycled bicycle inner tubes?

From what we can find at the moment the answer is no…(unless you have a proper rubber fetish).

Inner tubes recycled into bags, bikinis and cosplay…

That being said the research did show us some pretty cool stuff and not all of it would grace the pages of a certain kind of magazine…(most of it would though).  If you guys can find any more cool (regular) clothing made from old recycled inner tubes then drop us a line at the usual places.

Here is the best of what we can find so far….

Segrasegras pic

It is a full jacket but would you wear it?


This is the closest thing we found to proper clothing but it only uses a wee bit of inner tube


Not suer how hot rubber would react in blazing sun – no problem in Scotland though!

belt it up pic

You need to have at least one belt pic in a tyres and tubes roundup

utility belt

A little more hairdresser than batman


Just so you are not disappointed here is the fetish(ish) stuff we found too…

rubber bikini pic

Not exactly practical for swimming


This would enhance the red in McC’s eyes…

halter bodice

Apparently this thing is called a halter bodice…looks a bit draughty

skirt pic

Looks like this skirt has been through a paper shredder.

Remember when it comes to recycling Two Wheels are Better.

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