For the love of bikes!

Home made (upcycled) bicycle trailer – mainly for kayaks

This is absolutely what we think bicycle upcycling should be all about.  This guy has built a pretty cool home made bicycle trailer (for his kayak) out of old bicycle forks and head tubes.

The video is a little low rent (but we love that) and what Casey has built might look rough around the edges but it works and also seems pretty well thought out.

  • Use of almost entirely recycled materials
  • Use of mainly bike parts
  • Functional pivoting joints
  • Does not impede riding

This is Casey and he is a white water kayaker

recycled bicycle trailer

Casey loves flannel – and kayaks

in Missoula Montana

missoula montana

That would explain why he sounds a bit Canadian


Casey we salute you and think that your home made bicycle trailer is awesome.


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