For the love of bikes!

volvo pic

How to make a bike out of this old car.

Those of you who are familiar with this blog will know that we love a bit of recycling and also that in general we find two wheeled modes of transport superior in every way (except for uplift of course).

You will then not be surprised at this amazing feature we found about Timmo Hyponnen and how for his Masters  of art thesis he made a bicycle out of his old Volvo estate car (you can find the original article here on TheFootDown) and we don’t really have more to say than the guys there do so, look at the pictures below and then go read Ty’s original words.

This project is epic;

volvo pic

This old rust bucket gave up it’s life for a noble cause

metal sheet pic

Believe it or not these would eventually make the tubes

the birth of a tube

With the power of his own hands….or a big bending machine

rough bike pic

It almost looks like a bike – but those forks look sketchy

fork pic

no stupid comment – these are genius.

recycled bike

How did he fabricate the saddle – we jest of course!

You can find a bunch more pictures on the Pelago Bicycles Facebook album.  Remember when it comes to upcycling Two Wheels are Better.

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