For the love of bikes!

recycled bicycle lamp -lightcycle bosch 1.1

Is this the ultimate recycled bicycle lamp

You guy know that we love a recycled bicycle lamp.

We write about recycled stuff all the time but their is something about a lamp made from old bicycle parts that just looks cool.

We have been searching for the ultimate in recycled bicycle lamp design and we think we have come pretty close with the Lightcycle.

There is just one issue (try 450 little issues) the price.

If you guys have £450 bucks to spare then go for it here and tell us what you think.

As for us well we reckon this bad boy is just beyond our grasp.

recycled bicycle lamp -lightcycle bosch 1.1

It looks pretty sweet right.

Lightcycle Bosch 1.2

Nice detail

Lightcycle Bosch 1.3

Does this thing run on a dynamo?

Lightcycle bosh 1.4

That’s a lump of pine though – surely for £450 is should be mahogany

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