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Kids bike made from recycled carpet

This kids balance bike ticks just about every box for us.  It has innovative design, it’s adaptable, it’s made from recycled materials and it’s a balance bike (and trike).

I mean what is not to love right, and this is top of the shopping list for McC jnr, you never know what Santa (or any other random gifting deity) might bring him this year.  He can start riding a bike at 6 months of age……right?

So what exactly is this balance bike it recycled from?

Carpet…………seriously that is what it is made from recycled carpet with a little glass fibre thrown in for structural stability.  They basically;

  • Collect old carpets from homes and recycling centres
  • Shave the backing off and shred the fibres
  • Add some glass fibre
  • Turn that mix into resin pellets for moulding
  • Make them into balance bikes

So how adaptable are they?

Well they utilize the Rotafix system (yeah we thought that was a kind of hamster cage too).  It was designed for the original wooden Wishbone bike. Basically it utilises a single fixing point to allow you to adjust the bike saddle height to two pre-fixed levels.  There is also an extra wheel which can be added to make it into a trike.  So hopefully this one bike will last your little one until they get to grip with the idea of pedalling.


It’s like an environmentally friendly transformer


So apart from the fact that it looks pretty cool as it is and is pretty environmentally friendly (we are guessing they use recycled glass fibre too you can even customise the finish with some cool stickers.

Here are our three favourite finishes;


For the animal in you



Where did it go, it is a so camo!



Groovy Baby……..geddit…..groovy….baby……….. oh forget it!!!

So if you like em then you can buy one here

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