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Best casual cycling t-shirt of the week #2

This is our favourite post of the week, basically because we get to have a debate (battle) in the mothership (shed) with the rest of the Wheelers and then totally ignore their opinion and decide what I think is the coolest cycling t-shirt design of the week.

This weeks winner didn’t even have the decency to send us a free t-shirt just a link to their page on Redbubble (yeah we’d never heard of it either).

We forgive them as we think for every cyclist of a certain age and at a certain time of their life this shirt will make perfect sense.  If you haven’t yet reached that point in your life then enjoy your time now because you soon will.

image of a funny cyclign t-shirt

They haven’t given it a name so we call it – you are going to get old.

If you want to buy this lovely shirt then you can click here, if you are not such a big fan and you have found a funnier shirt then post a link in the comments below and it might make next weeks post.

Remember even on t-shirts Two Wheels are Better

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