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Bikes are Drugs T - him

Best casual cycling t-shirt of the week #3

We should be doing one of these round-ups every week as there are a plethora of great cycling t-shirts out there but the honest truth is that we have been far too busy riding whilst we have the last bit of good weather here in the UK.

We think that this weeks t-shirt however is an absolute barn stormer (mainly because Oli designed it).  That’s right folks we now actually have a Two Wheels Better shirt and merchandise shop and have started uploading our first few designs to it.

TwoWheelsBetter Shirt shop pic

Our first four shirts ever.

This week then our casual shirt of the week is in fact one of Oli’s designs (if we didn’t like em we wouldn’t be pushing them).

Bikes are Drugs £19.99 – his and hers

Bikes are Drugs T - him

They come in any colour as long as it’s black

Sleeves T

Every TWB tee comes with a logo on the sleeve

Bikes are Drugs T - Her

Bikes are generally way more expensive than drugs – apparently

If you have any ideas for new designs then please send them to us and we will see if we can get them made up.

Remember Two Wheels are Better.

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